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In very simple term, Adoption is a process to adopt someone. Adopting means adding someone to a family. In legal term, Adoption is a process to take someone from another family and adding it into other family as described by law. The law used for adoption is local law in which the adoption happened.


Adoption has many definition. Public would see the definition as a process of adopting someone to a family. In another words, it means adding or taking someone into other family. Adoption itself actually means adding someone to a family based on legal procedures.

Legal definition

In law and Legal papers, Adoption is the process of adding/taking individual from another family into other family by following legal procedures already regulated by law. In more detailed description, Adoption actually is a process of adding someone into another family as described by the law of which the adoption occurred (Legal procedures in adoption is regulated by law).

Both public and Law definition have similarities, Adoption is to add someone as a part of another family.

Adoption Process

Basically, the process in adopting someone is quite simple. Someone or family whom willing to adopt someone should follow legal procedures in adding other individual into their family. The procedures in adopting someone in each countries differs a lot. Sometimes, each areas in the same countries may have different rules in adopting individual.

The procedures in adopting someone usually started by simple but extensive check to find out whether the family/person whom willing in adopting individual has passed the requirements. There are some requirements which has to be fulfilled in order to legally adopting someone. That requirements may differs in each areas. To fully understand the requirements, it is advised to consult it with an experienced Adoption Attorney near your area. The next procedure is to get legal papers and getting approval of the family/institution that represent the individual being adopted. After getting Approval, there is high chance the adoption would successful. The last step is to report the situation periodically.

The Adoption Procedures/process is not similar in each areas/countries. The procedures available above is written in this page as an example of the procedures which applies in some areas. The procedures in your area may differs completely. As always, We suggest you to find nearest Adoption Attorney near your area.

Adoption Cost

There is cost in doing adoption. The cost to adopt someone varies in each areas/countries. Basically, the Adopter should pay for legal papers, Attorney and another party that involved in adoption. In some areas, the adoption cost could be minimal while in some parts of the countries it could be very expensive. There could be additional cost in adoption. Sometimes the family/institution that responsible for the individual being adopted may have to be compensated. The cost usually range from three figures and sometimes up to nine figures. To get the exact cost of the adoption, it is recommended to hire professional Adoption Attorney who live in the area of which the adoption happened.

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